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New Online Modules available

New online modules are now available and we encourage you to complete the modules via your Velpic profile.

Abide: A platform for spiritual growth in Adventist Education online module highlights the importance of the ‘Abide’ platform within Adventist Education to support and nurture the spiritual journey of every staff member. It explores the importance of leaders to personally abide in Christ, but unpacks our heart to journey alongside all staff within Adventist Education to build a ‘thriving Christ-centred learning community’. It is our prayer that ‘Abide’ assists you and your staff to authentically grow, live, and share, your personal faith.

The ultimate purpose of Adventist Education online module is designed to engage you in considering carefully the Purpose, Vision and Mission of your Adventist school through a range of dialogue and reflective questions. Defining the purpose of why we run Adventist schools is essential. Mission drift occurs as a consequence of losing sight of the essential elements of our guiding philosophical foundations. It is evident that from the inception of Adventist education in Australia the desire was to conduct schools that focus on revealing Jesus and serving the mission of the Church.