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Adventist Schools are dynamic and flourishing places where quality Christian education extends the reach of the Church in its mission to tell the world about Jesus and His soon return. Adventist Schools Australia values each school and the teams of professionals that work there. We understand that to continue to strengthen and broaden our impact on Australia we need to foster and support the current and future generations of leaders in our schools.

Adventist Schools Australia has taken on board insights provided by research into our own schools by Williams and Morey (2018). This research shows a concerning lack of leadership aspiration within ASA employees. A number of drivers and barriers to leadership aspiration have been identified that need to be addressed in order to assure ASA leadership sustainability into the future. With fewer people aspiring to take on school leadership, school education systems must consider the drivers and barriers of school leadership aspiration.

God calls us to be leaders for Him (SPD Leadership Development Strategy). It is the desire of Adventist Schools Australia to build the capacity of current and emerging school leaders to be transformational leaders, in order to have the greatest possible effect on teaching practice and student outcomes within the context of an Adventist identity. ASA needs to support the identification, development, and ongoing support of our current and emerging school leaders (AITSL) in order to maintain and enhance high quality ‘Adventist Identity’ schools.