Spiritual Leadership Workshops

How do we understand and describe Spiritual Leadership and how do we make it “Visible” to our school communities?

Understanding and describing Spiritual Leadership and making it visible within school communities involves more than mere profession of values; it demands their active practice and alignment of intentions, words, thoughts, and behaviours with those values, as outlined by Brene Brown in “Dare to Lead” (2018). Visible leadership, essential for fostering a strong school culture and addressing staff needs, is highlighted in literature by Devos et al. (2013) and Minckler (2013), emphasising the influential role of leaders on school morale, culture, and climate (Austin and Harkins, 2008a; Devos et al., 2013; Benoliel, 2018). Spiritual leadership, exemplified by the Apostle Paul, whose transformation occurred through alignment with a higher purpose, is deemed crucial for organisations to cultivate a clear identity, align values, and foster a sense of purpose among employees, as described in J. Oswald Sanders’ “Spiritual Leadership.” Further, Joanna Samul (2019) underscores spiritual leadership as the ability to harmonise vision and values among individuals and teams, enhancing well-being, organisational commitment, and performance, thus positioning it as a potent management paradigm for the modern era.

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