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Your role as leader in the Adventist system is incredibly important – you set the vision, guide the culture, and lead teams – all crucial to building a thriving Christ-centred learning community. We need to connect; we need to lift each other up. As such, the ASA Leadership Institute has set up an opportunity to do just that.

These are not compulsory, but we would love you to join in.


Principals’ Forum – March 7

Heads of Primary Forum – March 13

Heads of Secondary Forum – March 13

Heads of Primary Forum – June 5

Heads of Secondary Forum – June 5

Principals’ Forum – August 21

Early Childhood Leaders Forum – August 21

Principals’ Forum – October 23

Heads of Primary Forum – October 24

Heads of Secondary Forum – October 24


What is the research base that supports online collaborative peer to peer forums?

Peer connections for school leaders are crucially justified by the expansive responsibilities and demanding nature of their roles within the Adventist educational system. School leaders serve as visionaries and cultural leaders, all pivotal in cultivating thriving Christ-centred learning communities (Superville, 2021). With responsibilities spanning from operational management to strategic leadership and complex incident management, school leaders are under significant pressure to safeguard and progress the mission, vision, and values of their institutions (Maxwell et al., 2017; Westberry & Zhao, 2021; Liljenberg et al., 2020). The intensifying communication expectations, including social media, add another layer of responsibility, requiring school leaders to manage public relations, brand advocacy, and institution protection (Westberry & Zhao, 2021). Consequently, the multifaceted nature of their roles amplifies the emotional labour and scrutiny stress, necessitating comprehensive support mechanisms (Maxwell et al., 2017; Gorrell et al., 2021). Gorrell et al. (2021) highlight the importance of social support, particularly from school leader colleagues, in mitigating feelings of isolation and sustaining well-being. Furthermore, collaborative networks among school leaders provide vital emotional, social, occupational, and intellectual support, enabling them to navigate the complexities of their roles effectively. These networks foster a culture of shared learning and problem-solving, enhancing the resilience and efficacy of school leaders (Beausaert et al., 2021). Therefore, investing in the development of collaborative peer networks emerges as a strategic imperative to alleviate the burdens of school leadership, promote well-being, and elevate the collective effectiveness of educational leadership within the Adventist system.


Please contact us if you would like more information or have not received an invite.

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