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A Recap of the Emerging Leaders Program: Phase 1, 2024

From May 6th to 8th, 2024, the Foothills Conference Centre in Mooroolbark, Melbourne, saw a gathering of 30 passionate educators from across Australia. At the core of ASA’s mission lies a commitment to nurturing the next generation of school leaders. The ASA Leadership Institute strategically designed the Emerging Leaders Program to identify, inspire, develop, and connect individuals poised to shape the future of Adventist education.

The program’s sessions were crafted to empower participants on their leadership journey and included:

– The Purpose of Adventist Education: Participants delved into the foundational Biblical principles that define Adventist education.

– Spiritual Leadership: Exploring the profound connection between spirituality and leadership, attendees gained insights into how authentic faith can shape a school’s culture.

– Playing to Your Strengths: Participants discovered strategies to leverage their unique strengths for personal and professional growth.

– Leadership Spotlight: Meggan James, Natalie Thomas and Justin Hunter shared insights about their leadership journey as leaders relatively new to their positions.

– Career Leadership Audit: A reflective session aimed at helping participants assess their current leadership capabilities, identify areas for growth, and chart a course for their future leadership endeavours.


Presenters were: Dr Warrick Long, Dean Banks, Leanne Entermann, Daniel Taylor, Dr Jean Carter, and Jacques Calais.


  • “Understanding the Adventist ethos from a leadership perspective was enlightening. It reaffirmed that God is at the center of it all—a crucial reminder often overlooked in a school setting.”

  • “Feeling valued, supported, challenged, and equipped with actionable steps to enhance my leadership skills has been invaluable.”

  • “The authenticity and vulnerability displayed by program facilitators were truly inspiring. Their stories resonated deeply and served as beacons of guidance on my leadership path.”

  • “Connecting with fellow emerging leaders and learning from their journeys has been transformative. This program has opened my eyes to God’s presence in our collective journey and how I can grow as a leader by allowing Him to guide me.”

Emerging Leaders now have the opportunity to engage in Phase 2 & 3 of the program.