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ASA New Administrators Program 2024

In February, the Australian Union Conference offices in Melbourne played host to a significant event that brought together the new senior leaders of schools and ELCs from across Australia. This gathering served as a platform for fostering spiritual fellowship, building connections, and facilitating learning.

The event was marked by an obvious sense of camaraderie as participants engaged in meaningful discussions, shared experiences, and forged bonds with their peers. One of the attendees highlighted the significance of connecting with others in similar positions, emphasising the value of mutual support with their fellow leaders.

Moreover, the program was designed to inspire and motivate the New Administrators to embrace their roles as spiritual leaders with vigour and enthusiasm. Feedback from one participant encapsulated this sentiment, expressing, “I found Leanne’s presentation on Spiritual Leadership very inspiring and motivating. I will be returning to school with a renewed focus on my calling.”

The New Administrators Program provided learning related to navigate the challenges and opportunities inherent in leadership roles. Beyond the acquisition of knowledge and skills, the event fostered a sense of community and belonging, reinforcing the importance of collaboration and collective leadership in advancing our mission. As the New Administrators return to their respective roles, they carry with them a network of peers to lean on and learn from.