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Learning about Adaptive Leadership

An addition to the Leadership Mentoring program in 2022 is combined professional learning on leadership.

Leadership mentors and mentees gathered for sessions on February 16 and 24 with Penny Brown, of the AIS Leadership Centre.


The sessions were designed to:

– explore a set of ideas that help organise the social processes of change and the role that leaders can have in taking beneficial actions.

– learn how to think contextually and systematically about the nature of change and the personal work that accompanies it.


Feedback included:

“What you have said today really resonates with other areas of learning at the moment. Appreciated your use of breakout rooms – nice to have productive time talking to others.

“The distinction and dance between authority and leadership has been great to explore.”

“Thank you Penny. Leadership/authority distinction is important. Education is continually changing so adapting and innovating for positive change is essential.”