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Leadership Mentor Training

On November 17, a group of new leadership mentors joined Stephen Scott for online mentor training.

Some of the concepts covered were:

  • cornerstones of mentoring success (safety, confidentiality, personal responsibility)
  • advanced questioning techniques
  • Gestalt language protocol
  • ways of communication
  • empathy
  • active listening
  • establishing an emotional contract
  • productivity triggers
  • developing KPIs
  • monthly check-ins
  • scenarios

After seven hours of intense learning, the mentors left feeling equipped.

“Love the framework. It really connected with many of the things I have read/learnt as a leader and provided new insights also.”

This mentor group will join the other pool of mentors to support new and emerging leaders in 2022. By facilitating interconnectedness between our leaders, the Institute aims to continue to build system leadership capacity.

We are blessed that these 13 leaders are giving their precious time.